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Art gallery/boutique concept:


You liked the decor in our house, and the art on our walls and shelves? Bring back home genuine art pieces- a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, a pottery: we have opened a gallery/boutique B&B! 


Our home-based gallery stems from our passion for good art and quality craftsmanship altogether. While you share our walls, we wished to introduce you to the production of -mostly- local artists, whose work we admired or fell in love with.

We are happy to say their talents have been spotted not only by us: all our artists have been recognized already, and shown at known cultural venues throughout the region of our country.

On reservation: organization of a circuit-discovery of artists' workshops: do not hesitate to contact us!

3 women artists exhibit at

Le Clos de la Vigneronne

Dominique Jousset, Geneviève Bonnet-Cadth, Karine Langevin.

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